Professional associations

WLZ Gear Research Circle

Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Materialkunde [German Society for Surface Technology]

Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Materialkunde [German Society for Materials Science]

German Abrasives Association

Verband der Deutschen Federnindustrie [German Spring Industry Association]

Verein Deutscher Formenbauer [Association of German Mould-Makers]

Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.

United Kingdom Spring Manufacturers Association

Spring Manufacturers Institute

FEPA-Website, safe usage of grinding tools

Material and Engineering Knowledge Base

Engineering Fundamentals -Tooling

MatWeb - Material Property Data

Information about steel for metallographers

Forschungsgemeinschaft Schleiftechnik [Grinding Technoloyg Research Council]

Hardness test standards

DGUV information: Grinder

Optimization of cooling lubrication systems (German)



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